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Transformation Mastery

Life coaching & Business Training


Do you want to achieve similar results to the Love Gaelic Brand Business Growth or
would you like to experience the Transition actions we took at personal level during those years?

Love Gaelic Ltd now has a program for those who would like to start
their own private business or just want to transform their lives. 


We will take you through the initial steps we took, before writing our business plan and committing to the new venture. Thereafter it takes time and commitment to first build and then up-scale a business, while maintaining continuous cash-flow, through income projections and meticulous capacity planning.

(We do not provide consultancy services or advice.)

Silver Package

Group Coaching


Start 5th February 2024

Mondays 3 - 4 pm London Time

(with Easter Break)

12-week online general introduction to

* transitioning your life, mindset

* setting up, growing and running a business


12 x 1 hour sessions

This is general information, not tailored to your own business.

Diamond Package

1-1 Coaching


Start week of 5th February 2024

Limited spaces available

12-week online Transition & Life coaching program. 


Are you going through some changes and feel alone on this journey? We will coach you to get back on track by:

* transitioning your mindset

* goal-setting

* helping you grow into the personality you
   want to be.

12 x 1 hour sessions

E-mail support

Coaching Retreat North Uist

Group Coaching 


15 - 19 July 2024

Limited spaces available

Meditation, Life Coaching, Workshops

* transitioning your life, mindset

* setting up, growing and running a    

Self-paced Programme

Start week of 5th February 2024

You can do the entire online program without support as well for only £97.

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