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About Us

We founded the Love Gaelic Brand, which reflects the effort by many to revive and save the Gaelic languages.


We have created our own virtual Scottish Gaelic school and write courses to help learners worldwide. Love Gàidhlig Ltd is based on the Isle of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. We provide taught online & island immersion courses, as well as taster experiences for island visitors.


We have also set up our own publishing company Sgoil Ghàidhlig Innse Gall Ltd, to meet the global demand for Gaelic learning resources, from self-study courses to books, games, audio & video resources.

As the Love Gaelic Student Community has grown so fast globally during the recent years, we decided to create our own corporate tartan to offer Gaelic learners a symbol of unity in their effort to bring the language back into their daily lives. The Love Gaelic Ltd Boutique provides tartan merchandize, either woven or printed. Currently the production is on-demand, however we are planning to expand to physical locations and product licensing in the future.


Are you interested in a business collaboration or other services? Get in touch to find out

if and how we can help you.


Ann Desseyn - Nic a' Chùbair

Stiùiriche - Director

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